UK CH, IR CH, Zarcrest See in Red, AN CH 22, Cen CH, Cen W 22

DOB: 27th January 2021
KC Reg No: AY07035905
Stud Book No: 2649DH
Colour: Red
Sex: Dog

MICROCHIP #: 900 200 000 947 693

DNA Tests: PRA (cord 1) Hereditary Clear

Girth Size: 34cms

Bred by: Zara Boyle
Owned by: Zara Boyle








Visiting the Emerald Isle for a sabbatical with our good friend Martin Mcdonnell.
We have thoroughly enjoyed watching his Irish adventures from the end of summer 2022.

  1. July 23 Munster International – DGS, BOB, CACIB, GROUP 1 WINNER.
  2. July 24 Munster National – DGS, BOB & Group 3.
  3. July 30 Newtownards – DGS, BOB
  4. July 31 Dun Laoghaire – DGS, BOB, GROUP 1 WINNER.
  5. Aug 06 Coleraine – DGS, BOB
  6. Aug 13 Hound Club of Ireland – DGS, BOB, GROUP 1 & BEST IN SHOW (2) WINNER
  7. Aug 14 Clonmel, DGS, BOB – NEW CHAMPION TITLE
  8. Aug 16 Killarney – DGS, BOB, Group 2.
  9. Aug 18 Limerick – DGS
  10. Sept 03 Bangor – DGS, BOB, Group 1
  11. Sept 04 Banbridge – DGS, BOB, Group 2
  12. Sept 17 Carlow – DGS
  13. Sept 24 Belfast – DCC, BOB & Group Shortlist
  14. Oct 01 IKC Int Show – DGS, CACIB, BOB, Grp 3, Centenary International Winner 2022
  15. Oct 02 IKC Nat Show – DGS, Centenary National Winner 2022
  16. Oct 08 Irish Dachshund – RDGS
  17. Oct 23 Cloughran – DGS
  18. Oct 31 Bull Breeds – DGS
  19. Combined Int  – GS , BOB + CACIB
  20. Combined Nat  – GS, BOB
  21. Sth Tipp, GS , BOB
  22. Fermoy, GS, BOB
  23. Houndshow, GS,
  24. Mid West , GS
  25. Portadown, GS, BOB
  26. Bambridge, GS, BOB
  27. Munster, GS, BOB
  28. Celtic Winners Nat, GS, BOB
  29. Sligo INT, GS, BOB, CACIB
  30. Munster Ag INT, GS, BOB, CACIB
  31. Newtownards, GS, BOB
  32. Killarney, GS,
  33. Carlow, GS,
  35. IKC Nat, GS, BOB
  36. Bullbreeds, GS,
  37. Cloghran, GS, BOB, Group 1 from Stewart Cummings
  38. Belfast, DCC, BOB.

Awards Won:

5 x DCC
2 x RCC
5 x BOB
6 x BPIB

36 x GS
36 X BOB
5 x GROUP 1
2 x GROUP 2
2 x GROUP 3
1 x GROUP 4

1 x BEST IN SHOW 2 (All Breeds General Championship Show)
2 x Puppy Group 1 (All Breeds General Championship Show)
1 x Best Puppy in Show (Sub-Group Championship Show)
1 x Res Best Puppy in Show (All Breeds General Championship Show)
1 x Res Best Puppy in Show Breed Speciality Championship Show)
UK CHAMPION at 17 Months old
Andrea Callow, Helen Kerfoot, and Janet Geeson

Annual Champion 2022
IKC Centenary International Winner 2022
IKC Centenary National Winner 2022

Michael Leonard, Lorena Lotzniker (Italy), Paul Scanlon (Ireland), Jill Rhodin (Sweden), Gary McAlpine (Ireland),  Jean Lawless(Ireland) , Dick McCoy (Spain), Ms C Van Raamsdonk Blatter (Belgium), Mrs T Jenkins-Jago (Ireland), Mr A Sotoca-Santos (ESP), Colm Beattie (Ireland) Noreen Clarke (Ireland), Alberto Vergara (Italy) Mrs K Gilliland (Ireland), Dr Manish Chauhan (UK), Dianna Spavin (UK), Stephanie Walsh (IRE) Mrs S Lepasaar (Est), Mr C Hastings (Ire), Mr V Viega (Por) Mrs M Thomas (Bel), Mrs J McClancey (Ire), Mr M Baskaron (Esp), Mr I Finney (Ire), Mrs I Melecka (Pol), Mrs C Barry-Sheehan (Ire), Mr Rony Doedjins (NL), Mr J Partanen (Nor), Mr E Duran (Esp), Mr  E Patterson (Ire), Mr A Van Den Broek (NL) Mr M Crowley (Ire), Mrs M Kuriata (Pol), Mr J Hilpinen (FL) Mr T Finney (Ire) Mrs B Beare (Ire) Mr G McFaul (Ire) Mr T Johnston (UK)


IRISH SHOW CHAMPION at 19 months old, achieved in 23 Days at 7 shows

Red was first shown by Martin on July 23rd, 2022, and was titled on August 14th, 2022, which is believed to be the fastest Dachshund miniature longhaired (non-resident) to make up in Ireland.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great Great-Grandparents
Ch Ralines Bright Future
Ch Metadale Dick Turpin Ch Ralines Red Dragon Ralines Classic Dream of Rafthouse
Ralines Eye Tech
Metadale Susie Cooper Ch Cliffmere Acclaim for Ralines
Metadale Art Deco
Ralines Double Dutch Halunke Dutch Courage Int Ch Kasanova V Desaro at Halunke
Ch Ralines Summer Storm
Ch Ralines Aubra Jean Ch Cliffmere Acclaim for Ralines
Ch Glenfin Pumpkin at Ralines
Zarcrest Black Ink
Ch Zarcrest Black Brewer Zarcrest Frozen Assets Ch Zarcrest Ice Conqueror
Ch Doujac Erin at Zarcrest
Rafthouse Lydia Dustbin at Zarcrest Ch Rafthouse Herr Flick
Rafthouse Night Fever
Zarcrest On The Rocks Ch Ralines Just Ozzie Ch Halunke Just Jervis
Ch Ralines Aubra Jean
Zarcrest Chillin Effects Ch Zarcrest Ice Conqueror
Ch Doujac Erin at Zarcrest
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Footage of Red in Action at Newtownards, Belfast.