Flash came to live with us back in 1966, he was a blue with a white flash, he is  responsible for the families love of the breed for half a century.

Flash was followed by a red brindle bitch Dudleston Highland Lassie, two Dondelayo’s of the famous kennels of Anne Knight a fawn brindle bitch Moonmission Footsteps at Zarcrest & a plain fawn bitch Dondelayo Sheelag at Zarcrest, the next to arrive was from  Ann and Michael Argyle’s famous kennel, a particolour male Harque to Quarryman, as he was so nervous Harry & Margaret purchased one of the world famous Shalfleet’s of Barbara Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Sailing Free, he was followed by the Lowglens from Fred & Patsy Nicholas who begin the pages on this website.