Will Harris has been involved in photographing dogs for the past decade, although known mainly for his dog photography, Will has also photographed weddings, people, cats, horses, fowl, and other small domestic animals for his clients.

Will is renowned for his ability of being able to work under pressure and produce works that conforms with his client’s brief.

His extensive knowledge of livestock ensures that not only are the animals dealt with in a humane manner he is able to work quickly and minimise any stress. He always puts the care and welfare of any animal before the taking of any photograph.

Based on the Welsh Borders we have some fantastic locations right on our doorstep ranging from open grass fields to stunning hillsides, we can even arrange water locations. A session will normally last about an hour although within reason we do not limit the time and there is no limit on the number of images we will take. We are quite happy for you to split the sitting fee between friends.

Will does photograph a lot of working gundogs and usually has a supply of cold game available.

Although we do not have a “base” studio we have a totally portable set-up and can set up a high key (white background) studio at any location, this is ideal where the animals or people need to be photographed in situ such as a home environment.

Will probably takes more dog related images than any other photographer in the UK and if you are looking for someone to capture the personality and exuberance of your best friend then look no further.

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