Inquiries from show and pet homes.

As hobby breeder(s) we only ever breed to keep something back for ourselves. We try very hard to pair our bloodlines to produce dogs which are both beautiful, fit for purpose and most importantly sound in temperament.

Research into pedigrees is paramount to preserve our breeds for we are only guardians for future generations.

You can be confident that a puppy bred here is brought into the world with care and consideration, each individual is raised with love, cuddles and a warm and happy environment within our home.

Each one is given the very best start in life, so when they leave us they are prepared for a new life and can grow up to be priceless family members.

We try to vet all prospective homes to ensure that our babies have wonderful forever homes, we do welcome anyone to come and visit, meet the dogs, etc, but please agree on a mutual time and date.

We are happy to talk about dogs at any time, but these opinions are drawn from our own experiences and are not necessarily those of other breeders.

1. We do not sell overseas; however inquiries from overseas show kennels are most welcome.
2. All new owners will be presented with written contracts regardless of any situation.

All UK Sales.

The Kennel Club registrations will be endorsed in all cases, for further information is available from The Kennel Club.

1. Progeny Not Eligible for Registration
2. Not Eligible for the issue of an Export Pedigree

In order to protect the guardianship of the breed and our bloodlines, all of our dogs are sold with the above Kennel Club endorsements, any puppies sold to prospective show homes will be assessed for show potential prior to the sale and will also be endorsed as stated.

Subsequently, the endorsement not for breeding may be lifted in show dogs later, by mutual agreement.

This is usually completed upon adult assessment and/or when any health testing is completed, this is to protect our dogs and our bloodlines.

Full advice and help for your dog’s life are given freely, and we will take back any dog of our breeding that requires to be returned for whatever reason, we will not make judgments, please just return the dog so a new forever home can be found.

Puppies bred here are well socialized from as early as three weeks, they are continually exposed to new environments in and around the home, they will be used to normal house noises such as the TV, hoover, washing machine, etc, they are well handled and are used to being brushed, trimmed/clipped, bathed, etc.

We do our best to ensure that our babies are happy, outgoing, and friendly, however, exposure and socialization continues well after they leave us, so you will also need to commit to undertaking these type of situations with the new puppy once it leaves us.

UK Show Prospects.

Depending on their age and show achievements, they will come with a full written contract, kennel club registration with endorsements as explained above.
Show potential puppies are usually run on past 10 weeks to allow more time for assessment. They will also require having one of us as co-owners until such time as the written contract is completed.

To learn more about the Kennel Club’s endorsements please Click Here

Please note, is it now a requirement to complete a form for the Kennel Club regarding this at the time of sale, please speak to the Kennel Club if you require more understanding of the endorsements.

Oversea’s Prospects.

Depending on their age and show achievements, they will come with a full written contract, kennel club registration free from endorsements as above. Show puppies are usually run on until they are 15 weeks to allow more time for assessment,  Health testing will be completed prior to this age where relevant. A charge for the puppy boarding and training from 8 weeks may be applicable.


Will come with a full written contract, the Kennel Club’s registration papers, endorsed for their lifetime, Pedigree, Micro chipped, Puppy Pack, Worming certificate, 24/7 free advice and support.

Only with exceptional circumstances will any endorsements be lifted to companion puppies.

Young and retired adults.

Occasionally we may have young retired adults or even an older adult available to vetted permanent homes; these adults are for adoption only.

Retired show dogs make excellent pets, they are usually well trained, used to being handled, and groomed, lead trained, happy in the car and home, and after a brief period of settling in for people who do not want to cope with the exuberance of a young puppy.

NB: There may be a wait of a few months or even a couple of years before an adult becomes available.


A deposit of 25% of the full purchase price, is required to secure a puppy with us, in all cases without exception deposits will be non-refundable.

Please note we can accept cheques fourteen days prior to scheduled pick up, We are happy to accept BACS Payments, providing it is cleared before the puppy leaves.


It is breaking the law if you do not keep your and your pets details up to date concerning micro-chipping.

From the moment you purchase your puppy, it becomes your responsibility to update the details. Failure to do so may result in a fine or prosecution.

You are advised to transfer your puppy through the kennel club into your ownership, or this may result in confusion with the compliance of the new laws.

The laws in Scotland, Wales and England differ nowadays, please check online if you’re unsure.