Zarcrest was officially established in 1968

Today, they primarily breed Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds and American Cocker Spaniels, based just a few miles from the Shropshire borders of Mid Wales in the UK.

Their guardianship has always been simple: to breed the very best possible within the guidelines of the UK Kennel Club breed standards, which have been bred for breed type, temperament, health, and quality.

This passion originates from a family’s hobby and is certainly not a commercial enterprise. They strive that the health and welfare of that passion is the very best that it can be, with an emphasis on quality and not quantity always.

Over the past five decades

Their kennel name has won many awards at Championship Show level with homebred show dogs. They can boast over 30 Champions to date,  which includes awards such as Championship Show Group Winners, Group Placed Winners, Puppy Group Winners, Best in Show and RBIS Winners, BPIS and RBPIS Winners, CC Winners, RCC Winners, Eukanuba Champion and Puppy Stakes Qualifiers and finalists, double European Titleholders, American Cocker Speciality Winners, Alpensieger’s, Benelux Junior Winners, Centenary International Winners, Centenary National Winners, Annual Champions and  European Ttileholders.

They have made breed history records in both of the longhaired varieties of Dachshunds and more recently with the American Cocker Spaniel.

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Breeder/Owner of 35 Champions (in 5 breeds over 2 groups)

A Dog is the only thing on Earth, That loves you more than you love yourself!

Josh Billings