Harry Boyle

Inactive Co-Founder

03/02/1938 – 27/12/2014

76 Years

Harry may be gone, but he is not forgotten.


Harry Michael John Boyle led a fascinating and full life to the end, he was a Greengrocer, Fishmonger and Florist by day, a championship ballroom dancer by night and on a free weekend he was competitive in the world of showing dogs as well as being an active member in spiritualism.
Harry officiated in local hospitals as a healer for the Guild of spiritualist healers; he assisted Stirchley Rescue Circle, and was president of Wellington Spiritualist church for a number of years.

Everything that has a beginning, has an ending.

Fake Buddha

He was educated locally in Hadley during the war years and joined the family business in his teens, awards were won over the years quickly establishing his reputation for his creative floristry in the Shropshire area.

He met Margaret when auditioning new dance partners, the partnership would lead to marriage two years later.
Together they began competing at ballroom dancing events, they were very successful and appeared regularly on the ‘Come Dancing’ TV programmes in the early 1960’s, They were ranked number one after winning all around them for four consecutive years, When not dancing Harry took a night school course in hairdressing and was also excellent with a needle and cotton, particularly good at sewing sequins onto ball gowns and gluing rhinestones to shoes by the thousands.
They decided to retire at the top of the game and looked for a new hobby, Harry’s Grandfather had bred Airedales so with show dogs in the blood, and encouragement from a local terrier enthusiast this was a natural progression.
Harry judged the Whippet on numerous occasions at Championship level over forty years his first appointment was in Northern Ireland in the mid-sixties before he retired at Manchester several years ago.

His interest never drained.
He was active till the end, attending his very last show in November, and it was a day he thoroughly enjoyed.