We were made very welcome when we made the trip from Guernsey to North Wales to collect our first Zarcrest mini dachshund dog who is now 5. The house was full of gorgeous dachshunds of both sizes and we could have easily come away with more than one! Our boy has the best nature of any dachshund we have ever owned including those we bred ourselves. He is a pet and doesn’t do shows but is a very important member of the family. We were delighted to have the chance to acquire a Zarcrest bitch as his companion last year and they are both wonderful characters. The information and feeding plans provided with the puppies was top drawer and we have always felt we could ask anything if we needed to.

Ruth & Andy Guille
Ruth & Andy Guille

Zara’s Dachshund’s are pure quality, all the dogs have such a good nature about them, I have had no issue with any of my dogs which I have got from Zarcrest Kennels, they have never been any medical issues, they are a solid good natured and happy puppies that grow to be just Fantastic companions, I did not go down the show route, although my dogs are more than qualified to do so. I personally would not go anywhere else for my Dachshunds.
Before any pups are sold ALL would be owners are strictly vetted, and if you are one of the lucky ones who does secure a puppy, then you have a 7 day week help line so to speak if you require any advice or if you are having problems, their knowledge is second to none. You will get regular communications in your first couple of months to see how your puppy/dog is growing and to make sure you are happy with your companion.

Zarcrest Designer Issue
Tom O’Sullivan

I can recommend Zarcrest most highly, they are breeders of the highest calibre.
We have had two Dachshunds from them and have been delighted with both dogs.
I know if there are any problems or concerns, helpful advice is only an email or phone call away.

Bill and Val Harris
Bill and Val Harris

We would like to thank Zara & Will for making us most welcome at their home, both when we went to see the litter and afterwards, all the dogs were very welcoming, it was just like being at home.

As the miniature dachshund is a new breed for us they have both been there with plenty of advice and also help at the shows when our breeds have clashed and we are proud to call them friends.

Steve and Ann Ham
Steve and Anne Ham (Bamjoeh Saluki’s)