DOB: Jan 27th 2004
DOD: April 16th 2014
KC Reg No: AB01097501
Stud Book No: 0668CQ
Colour: Black & Cream
Sex: Male

DNA Tests: PRA (cord 1) Hereditary Clear

Bred by: Harry, Margaret & Zara Boyle
Owned by: Harry, Margaret & Zara Boyle
11/03/2007 – Harry, Margaret, Zara Boyle & Mrs M Sworab
14/10/2008 – Harry, Margaret & Zara Boyle

Awards Won:
# 2 Mini Long Male 2005
4 x CC
1 x RCC

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great Great-Grandparents
 Doujac Houdini Maydays Momento Ch Maundowne Magnum At Ralines Ch Kizzhar Kavalcade
Ch Maundowne Mirage
 Maydays Marguerita Ch Tanska’s Great Expectations
 Maydays Magnolia
Doujac Nightshade Ch Kizzhar Kavalcade
Ch Wildstar Wroyal Command
Ch Kizzhar Kerrygold
Katelyn Music Of The NIght At Doujac Katelyn Still Of The Night
 Faracre Fallaise At Katelyn
 Zarcrest Gold Model Kizzhar Kantona Ch Kizzhar Kommador Silkdown Lord Phoenix
Ch Kizzhar Kerrygold
Ch Kizzhar Kiss’N’Tell Ch Kizzhar Kavalcade
Ch Kizzhar Keepsake
Zarcrest Gold Witch Bonavia Black Ace At Katelyn Ch Jadag Silver Haze At Katelyn
Wayburn Pearly Bubbles
Dachartley Aquarius At Zarcrest Ch Kizzhar Kavalcade
Daclang Rhumba Royale